How To reset gmail account by alternate email

How Do I Recover Google Account Using Alternate

Google account can easily be recovered with the use of an alternate email address and also without the security questions. For both these ways, the user needs to follow certain steps and that too in the very correct way so that there is no error and the user is enabled to access their gmail account without any issue.

How to recover google account password by alternate email or without security question

for google account recovery there are methods(google account recovery by alternate email/google account recovery without security question) that needs to be followed by the user. Therefore, process for recovering the Google account password is mentioned below:

  • First of all the Google user is required to access any of the web browser on their system.

  • Then they should go to the gmail official sign in page by entering in the address bar.

  • Then, select on email option and go to the next step.

  • From there the user is required to mention their gmail address in the given space.

  • After this, the user needs to select on forgot password and should then mention their last gmail password if they remember it.

  • If the user don’t have their last password, then they should select the option namely try different question for the same.

  • Once this option is selected, the user needs to process the verification step that will be done by entering the alternate email address in the given space.

  • In the given space the user is required to enter their alternate email address in the correct way.

  • After the user have entered their alternate email address they will further get a lin for the verification.

  • When the user gets the link they need to follow it and then they should mention a new password for their gmail account.

  • The new password that the user will enter needs to be entered twice so that it gets confirmed.

  • Lastly the save password menu needs to be selected by the user.

Therefore, with the above mentioned steps the google account recovery by alternate email process will be done and the user will then be able to access their gmail account with the new password.

On the other hand, if the user wants to process the google account recovery without security question then also these steps may be followed by the user. The user should remember to enter the correct alternate email address and also the other details that is asked for recovering their Google account.

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